Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Traditional Tacos

In our house, if you don't know what to make for dinner Ground beef tacos is a safe bet!

Fairly quick and very easy to make. All the toppings can be prepared and set out, while you defrost and brown the ground beef.

Nutrition Note... To keep the fat down try to use Lean ground beef, for tacos the leaner the better. You probably won't miss it because the moisture and flavor are added by the seasoning packet and water!

Becky's Bit... I like to used a potato masher to break up the ground beef, while the ground beef is browning.
Once it is browned, add the taco seasoning and water. Reduce heat and simmer for 3-4 mins.

Becky's Bit... Turn the heat off and let it sit while there is just a little more water left than you like. It will still be juicy and the excess water will evaporate from the residual heat. You can always add an extra splash of water if it dries out a little too much.

Nutrition Note... I like to use the taco seasoning that has reduced sodium. This one is 40 % reduced from the regular seasoning.
While it is browning I like to wash, dry, and cut the lettuce. Next set out the cheese, salsa, and sauce (away from the heat). Go ahead and put all the toppings in bowls ... its more fun for everyone to get to put it together the way they like it.

Becky's Bit... Leaving the cheese at room temperature for just a couple of minutes takes off the chill and helps it melt more easily.

Nutrition Note...You can buy shredded cheese made from 2 % it tastes good and cuts the fat down again.

Finally, while the meat mix is simmering microwave or dry cook the tortillas in a seperate pan on medium (low) heat for 15- 30 seconds each side (This makes them more pliable and keeps the tortilla from breaking when the fillings are wrapped up in it.)

Becky's Bit...Usually we go for the multigrain tostitios, but I switched it up here with the Baked scoops instead.

You can always use the leftovers for a taco salad another night or lunch the next day.

Call everyone to make their meal and enjoy!

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