Thursday, March 26, 2009

Left-over Fried Chicken Tacos

Are you ever confronted with what to do with that leftover chicken or turkey? This week I found myself in this conundrum with KFC chicken breasts, a whole bucket full!

So what was my solution you ask? Fried chicken tacos!First, I started the Old El Paso Spanish rice. Then pulled the breast meat off the bone, took off the skin and saved the crispies and tossed the skins in the dogs bowls :-)

I threw all the meat directly into the skillet and warmed it up next I tossed in the 40 % less sodium taco seasoning. I didn't use the whole packet, I didn't want to overwhelm the moist chicken's flavor too much. Once that was cooked up, I set it aside and wiped down the skillet.

While you are waiting for all the spices, chicken, and water, that is a good idea to set up you sides... like cheese, lettuce, taco sauce, and an empty bowl for the crispies (coming up next) Don't forget the utensils!

Next, I tossed in all those crispies, and heated them up to replenish the heat and crispiness they had lost in the fridge. Setting those aside and wiping the skillet again. I heated the tortillas up on medium- low heat( about a 4 or 5) . Put them on a plate and serve.
Finally, put it all together on a plate, make an alcohol- free watermelon martini and enjoy!


  1. This sounds good. I really wish my kids would eat real food.

  2. Lol share my blog with them sometimes and ask them if they would eat anything on it.... they may suprise you... then again... maybe not. :D