Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's for... Breakfast, tonight?

I am a firm believer that sometimes, the most satisfying dinner is breakfast!

First, I prepped the potatoes and onions and set them aside. I made all of the "dinner" in one 12 " skillet. I started cooking by using my potato masher to brown the reduced fat sausage, then set it aside. It tasted just as good as the full fat even when eaten by itself! As a cook, I like to taste what I made before I serve it... I make sure it tastes "Becky approved" yummy!

The potatoes and onion got my attention next, and I pan fried them in a tbsp of butter mixed with oil and the small amount of sausage fat that is left in the pan. When they were done I set them on a paper towel lined plate to soak up any excess fat.
Whipping up the eggs with a touch of water, I deglazed and wiped out the pan. I sliced up and precooked the frozen red pepper slices. Finally I scrambled the eggs, low and slow is the only proper way to cook scrambled eggs according to the Gourmet Gourmand Hero, Nero Wolfe, in my favorite mystery series. He didn't reach a quarter of a ton without knowing good food.... and a lot of it! but I digress, I tossed the precooked sausage and red pepper and finished cooking the mixture.
I spooned it into a fresh burrito sized tortilla, plated the potatoes (I recommend keeping them on the hold warm cycle in the microwave, I don't know what Nero would say about that... probably ..."Pfui")
And sat down and fully enjoyed my dinner.... uh, breakfast.... at six o'clock ... at night. aaahhh ... who cares it was Yummy and I was satisfied!

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